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Birthday Cakes

Round 30th birthday cake
This is the section where you can decide which cake is right for your birthday event. Everyone turning a year older deserves a rewarding, thoughtful cake. The possibilities are endless with what you can have on the cake – writing, numbers, ribbon, shoes, handbags or something completely unique. Every customers standards are different and as a small business, we are very aware of that so take our time to talk to you to create the perfect cake for you.

You can either chose a cake from our shop to give you a rough start on what you would like or enquire within and we will do our best to come up with the ideal cake for your event. We take pride is knowing that all of our produce used in cakes will be fresh on that day it arrvies – so no prepacked cake mixture – free of E products and lovely for the children to enjoy; still whilst being an enjoyable sweet cake.

If you have a special request e.g: You’re diabetic or Lactose intolerant/Gluten intolerant then we can still create a beautiful cake just for you.

We have had many pleased clients who have received several birthday cakes and we can assure you, whatever the event, you will not be disappointed by us.

“Three” Birthday Cake with Batman & Superman Theme

13th Birthday Giant Cupcake